Free of Gravity’s First Birthday!

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So excited that today Free of Gravity is one year old!

In celebration of our first year, today I’m releasing Be Your Own Hero, a manifesto, here on the site. I’m super excited about it! Follow the link for more information, and to get yours!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting over this past year—your support has made such a difference to me!



(photo courtesy of Theresa Thompson cc)

2 thoughts on “Free of Gravity’s First Birthday!

  1. James Michael Taylor

    Congratulations on your first year Steve! Your content is unique, interesting, and inspires a real connection. I love telling friends about your hero’s journey theme and watching their faces light up. You’re doing important work my friend!

    And with the launch of your manifesto, you’re taking no prisoners on the path to helping folks become Free of Gravity. Your work is impassioned and actionable – and so much writing nowadays is either one or the other, but rarely both.

    Rock on sir! Year 1 was amazing, and Year 2 will be even better – I have no doubt!

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