Free of Gravity Celebrates Two Years—With a Vacation



Friday, April 1, was Free of Gravity’s second birthday. Not much fanfare here on the blog this year, compared to last year’s release of the Be Your Own Hero Manifesto.

I didn’t post this April 1 so no one would confuse it with an April Fool’s Joke.

No foolin’ here: I’ve done a lot of thinking and soul searching these past weeks about Free of Gravity. What it’s been for me (and hopefully for you), the purpose it’s served, and if it continues to grow and improve over where it started. I’ve also thought about where I’d like the blog to go in the future, and what focused energy and time and attention that will require, to get it to the place it deserves.

And I’ve done a lot of thinking about my other pursuits: about my work with Live Your Legend, about my fiction writing (new website coming soon!), about my course building with James Taylor of About helping son Tyler navigate his very busy senior year, and get ready to strike out on his own next year at college.

As I thought through all these things, I reached a conclusion: that I should take a vacation from Free of Gravity, at least for the next few months. This will give me some time to concentrate on those other pursuits, to do them justice, and also to focus on the “important but not urgent” work of figuring out what this site should become in its future.

I hope you, dear readers and subscribers, will stay with me through this time of rest and quiet, when I leave the field fallow and wait for the nutrients to replenish before I plant a new crop of seeds here. I’m excited to see what will grow in the stillness… and eager to share those new insights with you.

With Love and Gratitude,



[photo courtesy of Simon Matzinger (cc)]

One thought on “Free of Gravity Celebrates Two Years—With a Vacation

  1. James Michael Taylor

    You’ve put so much value into this blog brother. It’s going to serve people for years. The only thing that keeps me from grieving the loss of your writing here is knowing what you’re authoring elsewhere and the projects you’re making happen with the increased time and focus. Whatever you do, you’re doing good, important work.

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